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Advanced Uninstaller PRO is simple-to-use Windows application uninstaller. Makes your computer run more well by decreasing software and data. That was left-back after you uninstalled software that you just now not use. The program shows a kind of spell activity, making your computer safer.

Very some software lists uninstall completely from your computer. Among the objects left behind are extra folders, out-of-date files, and charts which will never be used. There are often things placed inside the Windows Office that don’t seem to be welcome. Moreover, as spyware and other programs that worry the safety of your computer. Large Uninstaller PRO can uninstall all of those files, folders, and programs.

Uninstalling a program is as easy as taking its name. A key, or moving and leaving a file or a shortcut. The Advanced Uninstaller PRO desktop icon.  Advanced Uninstaller PRO’s built-in Startup Major. Gives you control over the applications that are automatically started by Windows and offers you complete information. About each of them, including information about what the program does and whether you must control it. Advanced Uninstaller PRO includes a wide data field-containing startup stage information. Giving you the eye to separate between important. Windows works that you simply want to visit, and dangerous spyware programs that you just want to get free of.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO Privacy Protection

To protect your silence, the short Cleaner performs a one-step removal of the info on your computer. That tells others what you have been doing. It can securely delete the list of Internet pages that you simply have continued. The online addresses that you have simply typed the written net cookies that were. The recently opened files list for quite 100. Applications, including Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, ICQ, MSN, WinZip, RealPlayer, Kazaa, etc.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

The application can find and end temporary data left-back by Windows, Internet Explorer, and other applications. You’ll be able to also crowd Internet Explorer shape settings, maintain and uninstall fonts. Uninstall rejected board applets, and complete other system tasks well.

The newest release also includes a strong Office cleaner, mistake, and improve. Which is able to help you keep your Office fast, clean, and simply available by all programs. There’s also an Office backup use that helps you to easily keep an equal and changes this important system file. When it gets hurt or absent.

What’s New?

  1. Relate with other users through us on forum. Just ask questions, get useful answers, and share your skill with a large community of users.
  2. Mozilla Firefox tools do add.
  3. The System Screen will ensure that no file or registry entry. It left behind after the installation of a program. This tool can watch a program’s installation, create an installation log containing information. About everything that the setup of the program has done, so later completely uninstall the program. You’ll be able to uninstall a program even better than by using its own uninstaller. Over this, we designed this tool to be fast and faithful. We honestly believe it to be one of the fastest tools available of this type.
  4. As many of our users demanded, the installation coverts can now be printed. This program also helps a multi-language line. More features by clicking here.
  5.  The matter is that after it slow you would possibly find yourself saving the equal file many times. The Matching data tool allows you to scan your computer for copy data, zero-sized files, and empty folders. This can be a safe tool that produces sure that you just don’t delete all copies of the equal file.


  1. They usually are sure of networking, web publishing, firewalls, etc. We created a profiles list that contains the principal important shapes that may be found today. After you first run the Facilities manager tool. Your primary shape is added to the existing list of your order. Therefore, that was just in fact you may make an error you may be able to restore. Your facilities’ settings to their original state.
  2. We changed the Office Cleaner. It’ll now perform a wider search for the more wrong office. Items and can do a fair better job removing garbage items and roll up your computer.
  3. The ActiveX tool provides control over the ActiveX programs which are downloaded by Internet Explorer from the net.
  4. Many applications you put in on your computer can add menus. Which will appear after you right-click a link, image, or page in Internet Explorer? The sole problem is that after installing quite of programs you may find yourself with an upset. The Right-clock menu may make Internet Explorer difficult to use and run slower. You’ll now make sure of this problem by using Advanced Uninstaller PRO.
  5. The Articles tool gifts you to print detailed reports containing
  • ALL installed programs
  • The list of services
  • List of startup applications
  • The list of system fonts.

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